Since the deregulation of the water market, in April 2017, businesses have tended to overlook their water supply contracts. Many businesses are paying more than they should as a result of remaining with their original provider on default rates.

Business owners are now free to choose the supplier which suits them, wherever located in the country.

After a number of months’ research, and customer requests for SBS help, we have now partnered with Wave Business. With their excellent record in customer service, and their exclusive Hive Leak Detection systems, they are a water supplier who demonstrate SBS core values on service.

SBS can make your switch seamless by doing all of the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on running your business. Wave business are one of the largest providers of fresh and waste water services in the UK, and our close relationship with them allows us to quickly and easily set you up on a new supply plan as well as deal with queries.

If you would like to speak to us about either our water service offer or you want to discuss your supply in general, please do get in touch.

How It Works

  • You give us some basic information from your water bill
  • We validate the information.
  • We get you competitive quotes for your waste and fresh water supplies.
  • If you accept a quote, we make the switch happen, hassle free
  • You enjoy an at market deal and guaranteed support, now and into the future.
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