Based in the centre of Saffron Walden since 2012, we have built on over 20 years’ experience in providing an energy contracting and support service to business owners. Working with any size or shape of business, from corner shops through to national restaurant chains, we take the hassle out of looking after your energy supplies.

If you need to agree a new contract we can make this as seamless as possible by doing all of the hard work for you, allowing you to focus on running your business. We work closely with a select group of suppliers to ensure you agree an ‘at market’ rate and get the right level of service.

We are always on the end of the phone to deal with any questions you may have, regardless of who you are contracted with. We know that having someone reliable to go to quickly makes life much easier. We can help you with issues from billing and taking meter reads, right through to portfolio management and contract procurement.

If you would like to speak with us about something specific, have a question or wanted to discuss your supply in general, please do get in touch.

How it works

  • You give us some basic information from your energy bill
  • We validate the information
  • We get you competitive quotes for your energy needs
  • If you accept a quote, we make the switch happen, hassle free
  • You enjoy an at market deal and guaranteed support, now and into the future.

We can support you with the following:

  • Contract Procurement
  • Price Comparison
  • Billing Issues
  • Portfolio Management
  • Market Information
  • New Connections
  • Supply Upgrades
  • Contract Termination
  • Change of Tenancies
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What do customers say about us?

  • "My experiences with SBS is nothing but an amazing one. Stress and hassle free. They do all the calling around for the best rates and find the best deal for my business. I'm sure they have saved me over a few thousand pounds on my utility bills. I will continue to use SBS as I find them very helpful and useful, couldn't ask for a better company."

    Guv Bhangal, Premier Hackleton Stores and Post Office, Northampton

  • "On behalf of all three business contracts I have found saffron business solution is very efficient on all aspects. Especially Emily has been very helpful with all the paperwork & pricing. I will recommend saffron to anyone."

    Thiagalingam Radgeevan, Dale Street Convenience, Kestrel Off-License, Kestrel Family Shopper, Chatham, Kent

  • "I have been with SBS for a number of years now and have always found you to provide an excellent service. Whilst I am contacted by numerous energy brokers throughout the year, I always stay with SBS as I find that they will always provide a very competitive price and a helpful and professional service that I know I can trust."

    Graeme Perkins, The Dolgoch, Snowdonia

  • "We are pleased with the service you have provided to us and the prices you obtained for us - we appreciate your help"

    Gordon Caulvan, Woodpark Stores LTD MC Stores Ltd, Ayr, Scotland

  • I have been using services offered through Booker for a number of years now and the service couldn't be better. The energy service has always made things so easy when it comes to renewing my contract, leaving me more time to concentrate on running my business. I have saved hundred of pounds across my energy supplies because of them. I have regular collections for my oil and service is always fast and efficient, it's a great way to deal with a messy problem.

    Jeffery Leach, The Old English Gentleman, Saffron Walden, Essex

  • "I can confirm that I have always experienced an outstanding customer service from yourself and everyone working for Saffron Business Solution. I have always been well informed during the renewal period and would highly recommend your company to other business partners!"

    Andrea Heycke-Njie, The Lecca Café, Brighton, East Sussex

  • "The service provided by Saffron Business Solutions has been excellent overall with speedy and clear response to our enquiries and, having tested the market, we are confident that the prices achieved are among the very best we were able to achieve."

    Robert Hustwick, Community Foundation For Calderdale, Halifax, West Yorkshire

  • "SBS have been great. Robin Byatt has always kept me informed all the time. Always friendly and helpful. I have recommended SBS to other Booker customers. In the next couple of months I will be changing my other business to SBS to. Great service and prices."

    Satvinder 'Peter' Shanker, Longdays Premier, Swadlincote, Derbyshire

  • "Thanks for all your help so far, the savings have been incredible, about £2,000 at least, per year. It was a job I knew needed doing and have in the past, but getting the change over window right and fighting with different people over the phone to change supplier was a nightmare. I am genuinely over the moon you've taken this job off my hands."

    Michelle Batty, Battys Discount Drinks, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria

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  • Will I save money by switching?

    This all depends on the market movement since you last contracted. SBS cannot guarantee that you will make savings on your current supply, however, we do guarantee that we give you the most competitive quote that we can source in the market.

    We will assess all quotes you have and guide you to the best deal for your business, even if this is not the quote that we have presented to you.

  • What information do I need to provide to get a quote?

    All information required can be obtained from an energy bill. You can either send this to us via our contact form on this website or we can call you to help gather all the information required.

    We need to have accurate information so we can give you an accurate quote.

  • Do I need to give notice to my current supplier?

    Yes you will have to give notice to your current supplier.

    They will give you a notice date this needs to be done by which can vary from 30-90 days before the end date of your current contract. This date will be shown on your recent bill or it can be obtained from your supplier.

    SBS have a great deal of experience in dealing with suppliers so we are able to draft a letter/email which allows you to give notice.

  • Once I have agreed a contract with SBS, is there anything else I need to do to switch supply?

    We deal with the switch-over process so there is no further action required from you.

    You are left to concentrate on running your business. All we ask is for a meter read to be provided at the most convenient opportunity on the the go-live date. We will get in touch to remind you of this on the day.

  • Can I leave my current contract early?

    This is a discussion you would need to have with your current supplier; however it is likely to incur an exit fee.

  • What is a Letter of Authority (LoA)?

    A Letter of Authority (LoA) is a document that allows us to act on your behalf with matters relating to your energy supply. To find out more Click here.

    Click here to download an example of a Letter of Authority

  • Third Party Energy Charges Q&A

    Click here to understand the detail around the additional charges on your energy contracts.

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