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The service saves valuable time. I receive at least 10-20 calls a day from energy suppliers. With Saffron Business Solutions, I don’t have to worry about these calls any more or spend time on the internet trying to find the best business deals. With Saffron Business Solutions, they sort my energy supplier for me and get me the best deals. I choose which one I like and all the work is done. They are there to support me with the deals and change over and renew, when the time comes. I can’t thank them enough.

Nicholas Smith, Knowle, Avon Customer since February 2013

SBS have always been honest, clear, concise and quick to respond to issues or problems I have experienced over the years with suppliers, particularly around billing, and have always provided a ‘fix’. They have provided value to my business by saving a great deal of time, money and worry by always being there. I always feel they have our best interests at the forefront of all they do for us. They deliver excellent service and come highly recommended.

Lance Pardoe, Uplands Diner, Swansea, Wales Customer since June 2012

I have been using Saffron Business Solutions for my business electricity and advice on a range of related issues for all retail sites in our group, since 2011. I would recommend their excellent level of service to any business owner. I have always felt they have my best interests at heart and they have at all times been professional, proactive and transparent. I saved a great deal of money by contracting my electricity supply through SBS and I have recently undertaken our fourth renewal with them because, their excellent service aside, I have not been able to beat the price they offered on renewal.

Ranj Hayer, Weston-Super Mare Customer since October 2011

Extremely happy with the level of service provided by Saffron Business Solutions. They gave us an honest and clear indication on comparisons, with no hidden charges, and understood our needs. They illustrated good relationships with their approved suppliers, which led to a prompt transfer in supplier and ongoing after-care.

Ronak Patel, Cambridge Customer since July 2018

I can’t thank you enough for all that you've done. I have dealt with companies in the past where they don't prioritise my needs and have focused instead on their own need to take customers on. These companies provide no back-up once you join. But with SBS, everything was such a simple process.

Imitaz Aslam, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire Customer since November 2017

I have been with Saffron Business Solutions since 2015, and the service and customer care has been second to none.

They always put the customer first and I continue to trust them to source the best price for my energy supply.
I recommend SBS to any business owner in need of help with their costs, so they can focus on running their business as SBS has done for me.

Sarbjit Sekhon, Gloucestershire Customer since January 2015

Saffron Business Solutions have been fantastic. They have taken all the stress out of dealing with companies. Whether it be gentle reminders or arguing on our behalf with the company who regularly make mistakes on invoices, they have always provided a professional and friendly service. We have one contact that we speak to regarding all of our accounts however, should they be out of the office, whoever we speak to know our accounts so we never feel we have to waste time explaining anything. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Kim Homer, Linton Zoo, Saffron Walden, Essex Customer since August 2014

Saffron Business Solutions have steered me to hassle-free good deals on energy for the last 4 or 5 years. Most things in business do not come easy, but the people in this company remove a little bit of the stress of it all. Thank you.

Mat Slater, North Shields, Cullercoats Coffee, Tyne and Wear Customer since October 2014

The service is very professional and SBS go the extra mile to sort out any problems, so that they are resolved in a timely manner.

Ashok Pindoria, K&J Stores (Spa), Cadishead, Manchester Customer since May 2014

I am so glad that I contacted Saffron Business Solutions. They have made sourcing cheaper supplies for our electricity easier. The service that I have received has been excellent and nothing I ask is too much trouble or seems a stupid question to them. I would happily recommend them to other companies.

Sarah Funston, East Anglian Tractors LTD / C E Funston Tractor Sales LTD, Arkesden, Clavering, Essex Customer since January 2019
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Frequently Asked Question's

  • How do SBS get paid for our services?

    We receive a fee from the service provider or supplier with whom you agree a contract, and only when the agreed contract ‘goes live’. You, our customer, will never be invoiced by us for a fee. Our fee/commission does not change the price you pay for the service at any point during your contract. We obtain the same fee for each provider of a particular service and do not give any special preference to a particular provider. This means we are completely neutral about which supplier wins the business. We care only that it is the right supplier for you and the best price we can obtain, giving value to your business.

  • How do SBS select the service providers we work with?

    While others will go to the whole market, we use a select few providers that we trust and have built a relationship with over the years. This allows us to deal with each provider quickly and clearly, meaning your query is resolved as soon as possible. You are saved time chasing the provider, as we do this through our designated contact at the company, meaning more time for you to focus on business matters.

  • Why can’t I just go direct to the provider?

    While we hope you would prefer to use our service due to the value and ease, we understand you may wish to go to the provider direct. You are of course free to do this, but it does make it a little trickier for us to help with any queries you may have agreed directly with the provider. This is because your account will be passed to a generic customer service team. All contracts through us are arranged through a named individual, which allows us to get the answers quickly. This stops the dreaded e-mail from the provider saying they will be in touch within five working days.

  • Where will my bills come from and who do I pay?

    Once an agreed service(s) contract has gone live, the invoices you receive for that service will come from the provider you have chosen. These will be at the frequency you have agreed, which is either monthly or quarterly. You will pay the supplier directly, either by BACS or Direct Debit. The method of payment will depend on what is best for your business and will have been discussed and agreed with you before contract signing. You will never be billed or invoiced by SBS separately to this. SBS can also obtain copies of the supplier invoices if you wish and check them for accuracy. We will stay in touch on a regular basis to make sure the service provider/supplier is doing all that was promised.

  • Will SBS just let my contract roll each year to keep me as a customer?

    We will be discussing new contract options with you a number of months before your contract is due to expire. We will advise you on all options for new contracts, including renewal opportunities with your current supplier and a range of offers from our other suppliers.

    We will never let you simply ‘roll’ onto another contract at uncompetitive rates and will advise you of both the timing and the process of termination. If you require us to do so, we will manage the entire termination process on your behalf. On many occasions, we have seen customers not giving notice to their provider and the provider rolling them onto a new contract on higher, often uncompetitive, rates, leaving the customer out of pocket and ‘trapped’ in a contract.

    When signing with us, we will ask you to provide a signed letter of authority (LOA), which allows us to not only speak to the provider on your behalf on any aspect of the contract, but also to give renewal notice for you. We do this as soon as the contract is live, to ensure the deadline is not missed, and you are not under any time pressure. Our LOA does NOT allow us to sign and agree contracts on your behalf, so you are always in control and the final decision-maker.

  • Most claim they will provide the lowest price, why don’t you?

    Simply put, we do not state this as part of our philosophy and promise as we cannot guarantee this, nor can any other broker/ consultant. We only look to deal with certainty. We can guarantee that our quote will be representative of that day’s market conditions and it will be ‘at market’, which is sometimes the cheapest available, but will always be competitive.

    We will always let you know our most competitive quote first time around, and will happily run comparisons for you, so you can see which is the most cost-effective for your business (even if it is not with us). When we are not the cheapest, we will push our suppliers to offer better. If this fails, we believe that the value of using our service and the customer service we offer will outweigh difference in cost.