The Letter of Authority (LoA) is a document that allows us to act on your behalf with matters relating to your energy supply.

LoAs are not only used in the energy sector, they are also used in others business sectors such as the financial sector, it's a recognised legal document.

LoAs must make clear what the third party is and isn’t allowed to do.

Why we need one

Our job is to get your business the best possible Energy contract we can: before we can do this we need to have your permission

We need to be able to prove to suppliers and other industry bodies that we are allowed to discuss your account(s) & supplies(s) with them, this is what a LoA does.

A LoA also gives us the authority to manage your account for you and with you, freeing you up to get on with the important things that come with running a business.

Acting on your behalf

With a signed LoA we can help you on almost all matters relating to your energy needs, from switching suppliers to confirming your supply information. All of this helps us get you the best offers we can and resolve any issues, old or new.

Don’t worry, our LoAs do not give us permission to sign any contracts for you, they only give us permission to speak to suppliers on your behalf in order to help you. This is a standard process across the industry.

Creating an LoA

To make life as easy as possible, we have created a LoA template that can be applied to almost any business.

Click here to download a template.

All you need to do is add your business details and if possible, transfer it to letter headed paper. If you don’t have letter headed paper just state your business name clearly at the top of the document, then sign and a return it to us at

Our LoAs clearly states that we do not have the right to sign anything on your behalf without your prior authorisation.

We want you to be completely comfortable so if you have any questions about LoAs or anything else for that matter, please do give us a call on 08448 222 802 or drop us an email at

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